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Layering of Islamic blue sends an image of purity, and to some degree; Islamic luxury and elegance

The Islamic non-figurative forms of decoration are traditionally preferred. The three types are geometric patterns, calligraphic texts, and Arabesques (stylized floral motifs). They are often combined to produce even more elaborate designs

Balanced interior, with a designated area to apply the geometric patterns, keeping the rest of the room clean

As one enters the house, one senses Eastern humanity and Western elegance, modern and traditional, with sacred words of praise and blessing for its Inhabitants.

Project Brief:

A modern Islamic home features the best of both the contemporary aesthetic and Islamic traditions


The client wanted their home to emulate a dichotomous style that embraced the beauty of the Arabian Islamic culture in tandem with a rather modern finish


Analyzing the interests and character of the client Arch. saba used abstract art that involves Calligraphy and geomatic patterns, creating a unique Islamic atmosphere carrying a purposeful message through its holy-wording and design elements