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Voyage dans l'océan

This basement, which is reminiscent of the ocean, is inspired by the occupant career and the blacktip reef shark journey. is, to say the least, unusual.

The space is designed to serve as a private retreat for the owner, where he can spend most of his time feeling the connection and belonging to the sea.

The spaces in this open plan were defined solely by the furniture function to create a dynamic flow just like the ocean moving from one part to the other without interrupting the spatial vision.

The glass partition was positioned perfectly to create waves effect every time the light hits to naturally attract the attention onto the art and the bare minimalistic industrial theme. Creating a spiral of a memory lane to visit with every moment spent in.

The long clear sliding doors provided an extension to the interior blurring the boundaries between the outside and inside just like the never-ending ocean

Using the ocean colors and natural material in the furniture only accentuated the look and feel of the space.

Voyage dans l'océan

Project Brief:

The space is dynamically extended to enclose all that is needed in one uninterrupted place, providing an easy aesthetic look and feel between the distribution of light and dark colors starting from the dark blue open kitchen to the neutral all-natural dining area moving to the sitting with all the glory of the souvenir wall and the wave glass partition to just effortlessly flow to the outside.