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Gentle Ripple

Sophisticated, timeless, and classic are the characteristics of this living room. The furniture settings are arranged in front of each other to encompass the whole living room area.

The timeless and classical design is portrayed clearly in the high ceilings. A classic simple design is incorporated to the white ceiling surrounding the living room.

The room has an outdoor view to the outside pool which is veiled by long warm neutral shaded curtains matching the rounded cozy carpet and guaranteeing flexibility for the future change of heart

The boundaries defined by along ceiling window serving as the vocal point of the space and bringing in the panorama

Gentle Ripple
L'ondulation Douce

Project Brief:

The symmetrical geometrical shapes take over the whole setting maintaining the golden ratio: round shaped tables in the center matches the ring-shaped chandelier. Rectangular designs on the wall go in harmony with the abstract paintings that draw attention to the monochromatic colors which add a modern touch to the whole ambiance.