The idea behind it

Rha embraces an organic form though its details were designed in a very linear and controlled manner, it is a balance of a natural free form and a calculated controlled order. Its mechanics were inspired by the rotation and movement of Rha (millstone) providing flexibility through its layered porcelain tops as well as the two bases. The wooden slices in the base fluidly aligned around the organic form of the top, the base unfolds layers of small storage spaces that were designed to provide its users with the opportunity of making it their own. The flexibility of its top and base create unique forms each time it sits within a space. The unique living table is designed locally and internationally in a free pattern organized in the smallest details, it has multiple types of Spanish porcelain surfaces and various colors in line with the design of the place, supported by the bases of natural mahogany wood slices characterized by the idea of folding and moving. It is made up of a coffee table and elegant side tables that move smoothly and allow its owners to change their shape to suit its space and serve its occasion. Mills in their wooden bases contain storage units that can be used for different purposes; To simulate millstone tables with their harmonious design, the movement of the millstone, the recess of its bases and the multiplicity of its benefits.

Product Design